Whose Docklands?

Editorial comment by Shane Scanlan

Docklands received some great news last month with the Premier dropping by to tell us about Western Park and some future projects at NewQuay West.

But the fourth and final one of these projects has set off alarm bells – it’s that persistent, aggravating idea of strangling Victoria Harbour with a pedestrian bridge.

If there was ever evidence that governments “consult” but don’t listen, this is it.

Docklands has been “consulted” to within an inch of its life.  Between 2007 and 2012 community infrastructure was virtually put on hold while the City of Melbourne and Places Victoria “consulted” as a sign of activity while they played political games with each other over who was in charge.

They were wasted years, but one of the constants of the era was that every time that damn bridge appeared in plans, Docklanders told them to remove it.

Docklands’ greatest asset is its waterways.  It’s our unique selling proposition and so much good work is currently being undertaken to activate the water.

It means boats.  Lots of them.  Coming and going.

The concept of bridging the entrance to the harbor so that another “Tan” track can be created is ludicrous.  It doesn’t matter if the bridge can be opened.  It’s a stupid idea.

The Minister’s office won’t take questions about the bridge because it is just an idea.  This was great news as, considering no commitments or funding have been made, then, obviously, the idea can be withdrawn.

The announcement was packaged with three other “ideas” into something the spin doctors called “My Docklands”.  

The obvious question is “Whose Docklands?”



May 4th, 2022 - Abby Crawford
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