What’s with all the shopping trolleys?

Discarded shopping trolleys in Docklands
Sean Car

Everywhere you go, Docklands seems to be littered with them.

So much so, locals have taken to social media in recent months to express their growing frustration with the situation, sharing photos of abandoned trolleys in parks, roadways, tram stops and even in the harbour.

One local with a sense of humour has even started a Facebook page titled “Trolleys of Docklands”, which tells “the real stories of trolleys lost and living on the streets of Docklands”.

But the rise in discarded trolleys is no laughing matter, with many seen blocking the street and footpaths for motorists and pedestrians.

Docklands News witnessed one driver having to make an emergency stop in the middle of peak hour traffic on Harbour Esplanade in January to move two trolleys which had drifted from the footpath onto the road.

One local Alex Matthews wrote to Docklands News last month to encourage anyone misusing the trolleys to change their behaviour, saying their growing presence was making the precinct look like a “trashed ghetto”.

“[I want to] help bring to everyone’s attention to stop taking trolleys from Woolworths and dumping them all over our neighbourhood,” he said.

“Yes, this is an issue also for Woolworths but getting them to pick up these trolleys after reporting constantly daily is impossible.”


I feel it’s also the locals’ responsibility to take trolleys back from where they came from if they do have to take them.


“This is a major issue and not just a one-off problem and I’m embarrassed that people come to Docklands and see this as we already do not have a great reputation even though it is an amazing area.”

Docklands News spoke with store management at Woolworths Victoria Harbour, who reminded the community that discarded trolleys were a matter for the contractor who is responsible for collecting them.

All supermarkets deal with one company, 1800 TROLLEY (1800 876 553), which is subcontracted to patrol the streets and return trolleys to supermarkets.

You can also report a trolley for collection to “Trolley Tracker" •

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