Updates on community projects and initiatives in Docklands 

Updates on community projects and initiatives in Docklands 

This month I am thrilled to update you on the exciting initiatives driven by the Docklands Stakeholder Group.

This dynamic group, formed after the Docklands Summit, has been instrumental in fostering engagement and spearheading projects that enhance our neighbourhood’s vibrancy and liveability. 

The group spent the early part of the year forming, norming and planning to deliver on the short-term objectives identified at the Docklands Summit. Five key projects were endorsed by the group and are progressing: 


Community3008 launched with great interest and participation from members of the Docklands community, forming a new neighbourhood association. This initiative marks a significant milestone, as Docklands was the only area without a residents’ association until now.

Seeing more than 30 enthusiastic community members come together to establish this group was truly inspiring. Community3008 aims to strengthen local representation and create a unified voice for Docklands residents. The first official meeting to elect the association’s executive positions took place on May 8.

Congratulations to inaugural president-elect Sandi, and all the elected officeholders. I encourage all members of the Docklands community to register as members. Your active participation is crucial to making this association a success. 

Docklands Farmers Market

The Docklands Farmers Market is another fantastic project that promises to enhance our community life. Set to bring fresh, local produce from farm to our doorstep, the market will provide a vibrant meeting place for residents. It’s an excellent opportunity to foster community connections and support sustainable practices.

The stalls will be curated with the Docklands community in mind, ensuring that it complements existing offerings around the municipality. Keep an eye out for this great initiative! 

Docklands Youth Zone

Recognising the need for dedicated spaces for our younger residents, SarasCare is establishing the Docklands Youth Zone.

This initiative was co-designed with young Docklanders and aims to create safe, engaging environments where young people can socialise, learn, and grow with robotics and theatre classes. By providing facilities and programs tailored to youth, we’re investing in the future of Docklands and ensuring that our young residents feel valued and included. 

The Cauldron

The Cauldron is an arts and crafts community project designed to infuse creativity throughout Docklands. This initiative will see gatherings from across Docklands on a regular basis to conduct arts and crafts workshops. Celebrating our community’s artistic spirit and encouraging participation from all ages, this is going to be a truly fun addition to the community calendar.  

Placemaking activations

We’re also rolling out some small placemaking activations aimed at piloting some urban environment transformation. This includes creating playful stencils and installations designed to engage younger residents and enhance public spaces. These activations are about making Docklands more inviting and interactive, reflecting the community’s needs and desires. 

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers and members of the Docklands Stakeholder Group for their dedication and hard work. Your efforts are paving the way for a more connected and vibrant community. As we move forward, these projects will not only enrich our neighbourhood but also serve as a testament to what we can achieve through collective action. 

An update on these initiatives will be provided to the council soon. This is a critical time for community feedback on the budget. I urge all residents to engage with the process and share your thoughts and priorities.  

The Docklands Neighbourhood Portal has become a vital tool for community engagement, offering updates on local priorities, events, and projects. It’s a testament to how digital platforms can enhance community connectivity and participation. I encourage you to use this resource to stay informed and involved. 

As we continue to shape the future of Docklands, your input is invaluable. What other initiatives would you like to see? How can we further enhance our neighbourhood? Let’s keep the conversation going and work together to make Docklands an even better place to live, work, and play. 

Thank you for being part of this journey. Together, we can achieve remarkable things for our community. For more information and to get involved, visit the Docklands Neighbourhood Portal. •

Meet Peta Brehaut

Meet Peta Brehaut

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