Two Can Productions renews Docklands with its own unique spin

Two Can Productions renews Docklands with its own unique spin
Kaylah Joelle Baker

Docklands is now home to two new video creators, Orion Holder-Monk and Torben Owre, who are driven creatives ready to prove exactly what they can do through their business Two Can Productions.

Combining Orion’s skills in visual effects and Torben’s in video editing, and their extensive histories in video and filmmaking, they are collectively transforming short-form videos into cinematic masterpieces.

“We come at videos and videography in a more unique way because of our unique backgrounds in video editing and visual effects,” Orion and Torben said.

“We have a good grasp of post-production and we put on a more cinematic kind of touch to videos.”


While the duo continued to showcase a wide range of short films from weddings, to gigs and product shoots when working from separate locations, it was their selection for the Renew Docklands initiative that has allowed them to expand their business.


The shopfront activation program and initiative is a partnership between the City of Melbourne and the Victorian State Government, aimed at revitalising Docklands, and it is an opportunity both Orion and Torben are “really thankful” for.

“We were still making it work [from separate homes] but thought it would be a great opportunity as part of the renew program to be in the same space together, and in a space where we can do whatever we want,” they said.

“Engaging with the local businesses around here is also something that is really appealing to us as we want to create services easily available for them. We are really keen to work on as many interesting projects as we can.”

Completing the final touches of their studio in the last couple of weeks with a mural spread across one of the studio walls, Two Can Productions is more than ready to make their stamp on Docklands through helping local businesses and events showcase themselves in bigger and better ways.

Two Can Productions is located at Digital Drive in the Digital Harbour precinct. •

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Caption: Orion Holder-Monk and Torben Owre in their studio Two Can Productions.

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