The vision for a residents 3008: advocating for community representation

The vision for a residents 3008: advocating for community representation

In the bustling heart of Melbourne, Docklands stands as a vibrant and evolving community.

As a dedicated member of the Docklands Stakeholder Group, I’m constantly considering ways to enhance our community’s functionality and vibrancy, focusing on hearing the diverse voices within our neighbourhood.

We have a number of groups representing areas of Docklands, and yet something is missing. I believe a key initiative in this vision is the formation of a group that represents individual residents.

Drawing inspiration from Residents 3000 and the active participation in neighbouring Southbank3006, the idea of a Docklands 3008 is both exciting and essential. This group would not only hear but amplify a greater number of local resident voices, intertwining it with community-led activities.

Ultimately when we have representation across the spectrum, and by uniting residents, businesses, our primary school, sports clubs, and developers, we can weave the rich, diverse fabric of our community into a cohesive whole.

Docklands’ unique mix of commercial vibrancy and serene waterfront living brings its own challenges in representation and decision-making. A residents’ group would be instrumental in supporting to navigate these complexities, ensuring all facets of our multifaceted community are considered along with residents.


Creating this group is no small task. Our strength lies in our diversity, which also means accommodating a myriad of perspectives and needs.


It requires the engagement of every “village” member – each individual, business, and community group – and acknowledges the need for other representative groups to ensure comprehensive community participation.

I want to celebrate those already making a difference in Docklands. The residents in pink, keeping Victoria Harbour pristine, the Docklands Representative Group (DRG) enhancing vertical living and owners’ corporation (OC) participation, and Game4Padel’s community-building Padel Open Tournament are shining examples.

Local businesses like Cargo and Berth, supporting those in need on Christmas Day, also demonstrate the community spirit that underpins Docklands.

A formal residents’ group would create a point where ideas can come together and empower these individual efforts, transforming them into collective action with a tangible impact on policy and community initiatives. Imagine a community where initiatives like a fortnightly mah-jong evening (make sure to check this out!), bringing locals together for fun and connection, become the norm.

The council, through the Docklands Stakeholder Group, is committed to facilitating these endeavours, but the impetus for a residents’ group must come from within the community. I encourage every resident and stakeholder in Docklands to recognise the power of their voice and the importance of their participation.

Establishing a Docklands 3008 is more than an objective; it’s a vital step for our dynamic and diverse community. It’s about creating a forum that not only reflects but actively supports the myriad voices of Docklands.

Our community is more than a location; it’s a vibrant, living entity shaped by its members. Let’s unite to form a group that represents residents and works to collaborate with other local groups to truly deliver on the spirit, diversity, and vibrancy of Docklands. Your voice is crucial, and together, we have the power to shape our community’s future. •

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