The inaugural Community3008 meeting

The inaugural Community3008 meeting

In October 2022, the City of Melbourne held the Docklands Summit, where community members from across our neighbourhood met to reset the relationships in Docklands and try to pave a way forward in a rapidly changing environment.

Docklands was (and still is) the most affected neighbourhood in our municipality, having lost the steam that was building pre-pandemic. However, it had also changed in ways for the better.

New civic infrastructure now in place – the primary school, community centres, new parks; and the greater number of long-term residents including families – meant a change in our demographics. Those who have loved and lived in Docklands for a long time like me, might attest to the fact that there are more people who are now engaged in the community. Most recently, residents wrote to me to endorse a high school in the neighbourhood because they wanted to continue living locally and see their kids continue their education here.

The Summit provided for some short-, medium- and long-term actions that have now been incorporated into the council’s “Major Initiative 7”. As I’ve shared before, the wheels of government can be slow moving, but the inertia also had to come from community. So, the Docklands Stakeholder Group (DSG) was established to build capacity in community to drive action. I’ve had the pleasure to be part of that group and to watch as members evolve ideas to actions that are now about to flourish into reality.

That’s why it was such a pleasure to attend the inaugural Community3008 meeting on Wednesday, April 17. This event marked a significant milestone for our community – a step towards enhanced neighbourhood representation and an embodiment of the collective energy sparked at the Docklands Summit. It is also the first major action driven by our community from the DSG.

Community3008 represents a long-awaited development in the Docklands, making it the last neighbourhood to establish a residents’ association. It was truly inspiring to see more than 30 residents and local small businesses come together, united by a shared commitment to foster a vibrant and cohesive community. Importantly, our community wanted to recognise that we are a mixed-use neighbourhood, and our success rests in establishing a community where businesses are also part of the conversation.

This is something new that came from community, and I hope we can all explore this with curiosity and a sense of togetherness, so that we can curate an ecosystem that truly celebrates Docklands – its waterways, family-friendly environment, and our creative film and tech sector.

The meeting was not only a forum to discuss community goals but also a celebration of what we can achieve when we come together. The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm and possibilities, as neighbours met, some for the first time, ready to roll up their sleeves and contribute. It’s important that our community is represented well – in all its colours and makeup.

Looking ahead, the first official meeting to elect the association’s executive positions is scheduled for Wednesday, May 8. This is a fantastic opportunity for residents who wish to play an active role in shaping Docklands’ future. I encourage everyone in our community to register as members of Community3008 and consider stepping forward for one of the executive positions. Your voice and leadership can make a substantial difference.


This initiative is about more than filling positions; it’s about weaving a network of support and action that will empower our community for years to come. Whether you see yourself as a future leader or a supportive member, your involvement will contribute to the robust tapestry of Docklands.


During the Docklands Summit, we discussed the importance of active community participation and the need for a structured platform where ideas and concerns can be addressed. Community3008 is just such a platform, encapsulating our collective aspirations and challenges, turning dialogue into action. Importantly, it acts as a good partner to existing local representation through the Docklands Chamber of Commerce, and the Docklands Representative Group (DRG) which represents owners’ corporations across Docklands.

Participating in the inaugural meeting of Community3008 was a reaffirmation of why I love serving our local communities. Seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones, all gathered with the common goal of bettering our neighbourhood, was profoundly inspiring. It is this kind of engagement and initiative that truly enhances the quality of life in our neighbourhoods.

I am looking forward to seeing how Community3008 grows and evolves, driven by the passionate individuals who make Docklands their home. Together, let’s make it happen.

To join Community3008, write to [email protected] for more information. •

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