The “flying” Dachshund

The “flying” Dachshund

Lucci, a three-year-old Miniature Dachshund, was a furry friend found in lockdown.

When Wen, a Docklands resident and Lucci’s owner, was first shown pictures of Lucci, she “fell in love immediately”.

Wen flew Lucci from Tasmania to Melbourne, and the pair have been a beautiful team since.

Wen said she had always loved short-legged dogs, and meeting Lucci was a dream come true.

“She’s very shy, and she doesn’t bark that much,” Wen smiled as she gave Lucci an affectionate tummy-rub.

“It was a little difficult at the start to toilet train Lucci during the [lockdown],” Wen laughed.

But now Lucci is fully toilet trained, and although a little shy, loves to walk through the Docklands and wander about Ron Barassi Snr Park in the sun.

“She also loves sleeping,” Wen said. “When I’m doing work at home, she’s always watching me.”

Docklands News reached out to Lucci for comment (and a little pat), but all we received was the wag of a tail. •

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