Support for Docklands fountain show

Support for Docklands fountain show

Docklanders overwhelmingly agree that a one-of-a-kind fountain and flame show in Victoria Harbour would put Docklands on the map.

Some 46 of the 52 people (88 per cent) surveyed by Docklands News supported the concept. Those who backed the plan commented that the show would give Docklands an international profile, that it would “ignite” Docklands, and that Victoria Harbour was the perfect location for the spectacle.

Other comments included: “A bold concept of an elegant, artistic installation.”

“It’s unique ideas like this that will put Docklands on the map.”

“Docklands is in dire need of something like this. It would be truly amazing to have this feature on Melbourne’s Waterfront and would actually bring people to Victoria Harbour and surrounding areas.”

Just five respondents (10 per cent) said no to the proposal, while one person said they didn’t know if the idea would be successful.

One respondent described the show as a “gimmick” and said they would prefer to see a cultural space such as a theatre.

Another said the idea would put Docklands on the map for all the wrong reasons. “This new idea is awful in every aspect of its concept,” the respondent said.

The concept was presented to the Docklands Community Forum on February 25 and received a positive response from attendees. •

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