Sunny brightens the day in Docklands

Sunny brightens the day in Docklands
Brendan Rees

Sunny the Labrador’s boundless energy and love of the Docklands harbour is unmissable.

“He comes and hangs out at the marina at work with me most days,” his owner Matt said.

The one-year-old has a playful demeanour and a love for the water, with other hobbies including chasing birds, swimming, playing with other dogs, and eating,

“Once he knows you, he’s fine,” Matt said after Sunny let out a bark while meeting the Docklands News team along NewQuay Promenade.

“He thinks he’s a guard dog but he’s a Labrador so he’s not going to do anything – he’s all talk.”

Asked to sum up his personality in three words Matt said: friendly, greedy, and well natured. •

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May 29th, 2024 - Docklands News
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