Spotlight on security in Docklands

Spotlight on security in Docklands
Sean Car

The newly established Docklands Owners’ Corporation Network (DOCN) held its third official event on Thursday, July 28, which focused on security in residential high-rise settings.

Committee members from 20 Docklands owners’ corporations (OC) attended the session which heard from a specialised panel of local safety and security experts on a range of issues relating to crime, security strategies, building management and regulations.

Victoria Police recently launched its neighbourhood policing model to work hand-in-hand with local authorities and the community to address growing safety concerns in the inner-city.

Its neighbourhood policing coordinator for Docklands First Constable Mitch Hoare who has been very proactive on a number of local issues including road safety at Docklands Primary School, featured on the panel and provided a snapshot of crime and safety in the area.

Constable Hoare addressed a string of crimes synonymous with high-rise living, including theft from motor vehicles, storage cages and mailrooms, as well as safety issues relating to short stays.

While parties are often linked with as the most obvious issue with short stays, Constable Hoare referenced the uses of apartments which often fly under the radar such as drug deals, with criminals often scanning mailrooms for uncollected post as a sign of a vacant address to use.

Leading Snr Constable Janie Lambert from Victoria Police’s Proactive Policing unit (PPU) also presented on the panel addressing the challenges of multiculturalism and the importance of communication.

Snr Constable Lambert provided OC committees with a number of important resources and checklists to better manage communicating and reporting issues to police, as well as among residents.

The managing director of Crown Land Security Charlie Kobak spoke to the OC committees about adopting a “hands on” and pragmatic perspective to managing security within high-rise environments, emphasising the “three Ps” – people, property and policies.

Mr Kobak used his presentation to encourage committees to implement strategies which addressed the “many layers of security” applicable to the many different high-rise settings in Docklands.

Renowned strata lawyer and Docklands News columnist Tom Bacon provided a regulatory lens to the discussions outlining a number of OC laws and how they impacted upon the ability of owners to best manage a range of security issues including CCTV and short stays.

DOCN convenor Dr Janette Corcoran described a lot of the information provided during the session as “eye-opening” and said she hoped the initiative helped Docklanders to think more pragmatically and strategically about security in their buildings.

“These sessions are geared towards not only building connections between OC committees and authorities, but among ourselves as well,” she said.

“Several new buildings attended for the first time and the feedback has been really positive. There were lots of great discussions had between OC committee members and many great connections made after the presentations.”

Dr Corcoran encouraged any other Docklands OC committee members that hadn’t already made contact with the DOCN to do so, calling on interested members to “help shape its future”. •

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