Six tips to boost your Docklands business with local marketing – part two

Six tips to boost your Docklands business with local marketing – part two

Docklands boasts a legacy of unique businesses and innovation. Yet, with ongoing challenges, local enterprises must enhance their marketing strategies. By targeting and delighting the existing local community, we can amplify our reach.

Dive into part two of our six tips to effectively tap into the local market. Looking for part one? Head back to September’s issue of Docklands News to check it out.

4. Create content with a local spin

Creating content that solves your customer’s pain points and that is evergreen will always be relevant for your business. Good content can turn a cold prospect into a loyal customer, but it needs to be audience-focused rather than generic. Going for a local approach allows you to increase your visibility with a specific target market while also enforcing the image of a trustworthy local business that’s “one of them”.

5. Attract local visitors through Google Ads

I’ve always said, if you want sales, you need to advertise. Google Ads is just that.

Google Ads has a handy geotargeting functionality that increases your visibility in a particular area. While you’re waiting for your SEO to pick up, Google Ads are a fast way to get on the first page for local searches in your area.

6. Make offers and deals that are time-sensitive

Creating a sense of urgency with potential customers can help lead them into your sales funnel sooner. To do this, make sure to put a timestamp on your deals and offers. Incentives, such as indicating a discount if they buy by a certain date, can help nudge them over the edge and close the deal.

Bonus tip: optimise your Google My Business listing

It’s easy to forget about your Google My Business listing, but it’s one of the first things people look at. It’s crucial to have your contact information up to date, including phone number, email, and opening hours. If you’re down to do it all, regular posting and updated pictures are always a plus.

Embracing these tips will not only strengthen your local presence but also foster a community where businesses and residents collaboratively shape the future of Docklands. Get in touch with us to keep making moves and taking bold steps towards your business growth. •

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