Six tips to boost your Docklands business with local marketing – part one

Six tips to boost your Docklands business with local marketing – part one

Docklands has long been known for its wonderful local enterprises and innovative spirit.

However, things are still challenging for our neighbourhood businesses as they need to up their marketing game to support transforming Docklands into the thriving destination we all want it to be.

“Rather than solely focusing on drawing new people to our businesses, we’re shifting the aim to captivate local residents who already spend their time in the area,” Aiman Hamdouna, co-founder & CEO of Hatch Quarter, said. “Let their positive experiences be our best advertisement.”

Here’s the first instalment of our six-step guide to mastering local marketing and engaging the local audience.

Docking on the digital map for local SEO

Businesses in Docklands should prioritise local SEO (search engine optimisation) as more people turn to online searches to find local experiences. The goal will be to make sure that Docklands firms are prominently visible when potential clients seek relevant services in the region, from optimising for “near me” searches to obtaining favourable internet reviews.

Marketing that is ethical and sustainable

Environmental impact has always been a priority for Docklands. Businesses will need to include sustainable practices in their marketing plans in the upcoming decade to demonstrate their dedication to the planet and moral business practices.

Local reviews from local customers

As cautious online users, the first thing people notice is often the reviews given on the Google My Business listing. A positive review or testimonial can demonstrate to local customers that you are a business they can trust. Investing time into creating a strategy or capturing customers’ thoughts at POS is a great way to boost your reviews!

The significance of marketing agencies with a forward-thinking perspective becomes clear as we negotiate this digital change. When seeking additional marketing help, choosing a team that is prepared to lead businesses through this digital renaissance is crucial.

In essence, there is opportunity in marketing to your fellow Docklands locals.

Come back next month for part two with our three other key tips, as well as a bonus one! •

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