Short-stays in Parliament

The short-stay issue heated up outside the courtroom last month.

Greens Melbourne MLA Ellen Sandell called on the State Government to investigate banning short-stays in residential buildings.

Ms Sandell moved the motion in Parliament, but so far the Government is stifling debate by refusing to put it, and a number of other motions, on the agenda.

She also moved that the lower house “noted the concerns of Docklands and CBD residents about the proliferation of short-stay apartments in the area, noting especially that short-stay tenants have led to a loss of amenity to residential neighbours and damage to communal areas and property”.

Ms Sandell also moved a motion that the house call on the Consumer Affairs and Planning Ministers to publish a response to the report of the independent panel on short-stay accommodation by the end of the year.

Ms Sandell also issued a number of questions to Minister for Consumer Affairs Jane Garrett around the issue of short-stays, including:

Will the Minister amend the Owners’ Corporation Act to allow owners’ corporations to set their own rules, including restricting or prohibiting short stays in apartment buildings?

When will the Minister respond to the report of the independent panel on short-stay accommodation? and

Given the report of the panel recommends very few changes, how does the Minister plan to address the concerns of residents relating to loss of amenity, loss of security and increased maintenance costs?

Questions must be answered within 30 days and responses are expected by mid-December.