Second time around for King Louis XIIII

Second time around for King Louis XIIII
Carol Saffer

Helen Johnson is the owner of Louis, a nearly-eight-year-old, silver-grey Standard Poodle, and she can’t imagine life without him.

Louis has been with her since he was 18 months old when he was returned to his breeder by a family who had problems raising a puppy.

“We renamed him King Louis 14th, Louis for short, as he is well groomed and looks regal when sitting up,” Helen said.

He is a very smart dog who quickly learned the rules of living in an apartment in Docklands.

One instance of this was when Louis stood on his hind legs and swiped ham and eggs from their plates.  Louis was sent to the bathroom for a short time out. Not long after he repeated the food snitch and when growled at, took himself off to the bathroom.

“We figure he thought the food was worth a short time out,” Helen said.

Louis has many places and beds that he likes to sleep in and a favourite one is in the kitchen just when they are preparing the evening meal.

Helen said he is a very placid dog and is very friendly to young children, other dogs and even birds; except for an assertive raven with attitude who strides along the balcony railing.

Louis loves any beach where he can run freely and enjoys time at the dog beach at West St Kilda.  He likes fishing for minnows, jumping up and down trying to catch them, so far with no success •

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