Schools update

Schools update

A formal process by Places Victoria to attract a party to develop and operate a private school in Docklands has been unsuccessful.

However, it is still talking to an interested party and remains hopeful that a state primary school might also be established.

In May, Places Victoria announced it was seeking bid proposals for a private primary school to be built on a 2050 sqm site in Digital Harbour.

However, speaking at the Docklands Community Forum on September 25, Places Victoria senior development manager Ronan Mellan confirmed the bid process had fallen over.

Mr Mellan said Places Victoria had attracted one bid but it had been unable to meet the deadline requirements of the project.

The site allocated for the project is subject to a clause in the agreement between Digital Harbour and Places Victoria, which would see the site returned to the developer if work has not started by December next year.

Mr Mellan confirmed Places Victoria was discussing a land-swap deal with Digital Harbour to allow a longer timeline for construction of a school in the precinct.

He said this would mean the original site would be returned to the developer and Places Victoria would secure another development site but remove the deadline, making it an attractive proposition for the Education Department.

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