Rusty by name, and by nature

Rusty by name, and by nature

While Rusty should normally have been destined to become a sniffer dog, there can be no doubting the destiny of his friendship with owner Martine.    

As an English Springer Spaniel, Rusty’s breed saw him originally enter the world with one purpose in mind – to become a sniffer dog at the airport. 

But while that’s where the rest of his litter would end up, young Rusty was surplus to requirements. 

So, at just six weeks old, a young family instead came to collect him and brought him into their home, where alongside young Martine, Rusty has happily lived for the past seven years. 

And to add further to the serendipity of this story, Martine told Docklands News that how Rusty ended up with his name was also an act of the universe. 

“The name Rusty I thought of myself. I mentioned it when we were getting a dog and it got chosen obviously,” Martine explained. 

“A few years later I found this little stuffed animal toy dog that I had and I put it into a box.  A few years later after we got Rusty I found it and this dog toy looks exactly like Rusty and on the name tag it had Rusty on it.”

“So, I just subconsciously chose this name that looks exactly like the dog. It was really weird!” 

While admittedly a little anti-social towards other dogs, Martine said Rusty was very protective of his family, and possessed the unique ability to jump really high, and climb just about anything. 

Martine said Rusty enjoyed a well-balanced diet with a few occasional meaty leftovers from the family’s dinner table, but he wouldn’t go anywhere near olives and lettuce! 

But nothing quite makes Rusty or Martine happier than a regular walk together, with Docklands being one of their favourite spots. 

“I love him,” Martine said. “I walk him every day and it brings me a peace of mind and calmness.” •

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