Rising star Lachlan McKillop celebrates Christmas in Docklands.

Rising star Lachlan McKillop celebrates Christmas in Docklands.
Carol Saffer

It has been a while since Docklands resident actor Lachlan McKillop walked his dog Jet along Yarra’s Edge.

In 2019 he was working on set with Jessica Orcsik, fellow actor, producer, director and CEO of the American Arts Film and Television Academy (AAFTA), when she invited him to join her Actors Conservatory program to meet and train with industry professionals.

“She told me that I had something special and that I should be part of her six-month intensive program in Los Angeles to take my career to the next level,” Mr McKillop said.

“I had heard about the program from close industry friends who talked very highly about it and the opportunities I might experience.”

“I was honoured to be invited by Jessica; this opportunity opened me to the intensity of the industry, and I have learnt an extensive amount.”

All the students in this year’s intake at AAFTA are Australian.

Mr McKillop appeared in seven films during his training with AAFTA.

His most prominent role is in the short film Starry Eyed set in 1940s Los Angeles, which explores what really happened in the golden age of Hollywood.

Jessica Orcsik, CEO of Diversity Pictures, is producing and directing this film with Young One Studio.


Mr Mckillop has recently been working alongside world-renowned actor Charlie Di Stefano, known for his leading roles in Crazy Fun Park and How to Stay Married.


During the program, he has had the opportunity to hone his writing skills and also started developing his modelling portfolio, as he believes this is another avenue of performing and self-expression. 

He is almost five months into the six-month AAFTA course and, on his return to Australia, he hopes to continue gaining more experience on the local sets.

“I love what I do every day, so I hope to get back to Los Angeles in 2023 to achieve my goals further.”

He turned 21 in October and is expected to return to Docklands in mid-December.

He has a lot to celebrate and a patient dog to hug. •

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