Ring in the New Year with new aspirations

Ring in the New Year with new aspirations
Abby Crawford

It’s the new year and I’m already up to old tricks. Such as saying, “I can’t believe it’s nearly February”.

But I can’t. Same way I couldn’t believe when it was Christmas, or when summer arrived. I expect I will be equally shocked by the arrival of winter … all these things we look forward to and yet we seem surprised when we are there.

I’m surprised I am where I am in a bigger sense too. Even though I’ve been planning for it for a few years, I kind of can’t believe it’s here. This year is going to be magnificent.

January has already been magnificent. It’s got nothing to do with New Year resolutions – although this year I am determined to keep my old faithful gym resolution in my sights, just for a change. But it has got to do with planning. I’ve wanted to be in the spot I’m in for a long while, and it's taken a lot of planning, and it’s just wonderful to be here. And I kind of can’t believe it.

There’s going to be plenty of work, but hard work is always worth it to achieve what you want to achieve.

 This year, I’ve gone from running my business for the past 18 plus years servicing clients through business strategy, marketing, and PR to being my own client.

Rather than assisting other people’s businesses to succeed, my business partner and I have now built a company that can support us and allow us to focus on one thing – our own business. And which most importantly, we have designed to allow some balance back into our lives.

Balance to me, is flexibility to finally get the gym resolution actioned. To be able to juggle my time to the beat of my own drum.

That allows me to pop into the gym between meetings to pilates at lunchtimes and taking my time in the morning with a de-stress walk if I determine that my day allows it.


Balance to me is also being able to travel for work AND take extra days to enjoy that destination as a mini break.


Well, it hasn’t happened yet but I am planning on it for this year – and that’s where the “I can’t believe we are here” kicks in ... because the trips are being planned and it’s all so excitingly close.

So, while I am NOT a believer in New Year’s resolutions per se, I AM a believer in planning and mapping out the direction you would like your life to go. Trust me, I’m not underestimating how long it can take to get everything lined up the way you’d love, after all I have spent literally decades doing the hard yards to get to this spot. But I can say that difficult roads are worth the destination.

This year, I am looking forward to sharing more of my adventures, passions and discoveries with you through a new lens – which I plan and hope to be one of balance, sustainability, self-care and planning!

I wish you an absolutely magnificent start to your new year, and planning what lies ahead for you in this wonderful adventure of life.

With love,


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