Residents call for action on nightclubs 

Residents call for action on nightclubs 
Brendan Rees

Docklands residents have called on Premier Daniel Andrews and other parliamentarians to ban nightclub operations in the precinct as noise and anti-social behaviour were pushing the community to the brink. 

In a six-page letter, residents outlined how nightclubs, in which it singled out the Sri Lounge, had impacted on their health and wellbeing – with loud beats being played until 3am. 

“Nightclub operation in Docklands residential area is not just to deprive Docklands residents basic sleep human rights, to deteriorate local residents’ mental health, but it has also dramatically increased criminal rates,” the letter, which was submitted on behalf of the Docklands Resident Neighbourhood Watch before the state election, stated.

It also stated that nightclubs brought “many outsiders of troublemakers” who wandered around the area until the early hours of the morning when nightclubs closed.

The letter urged the state government “to commit original Docklands development principles,” and to “stop nightclub options in Docklands residential area”. 

“Docklands is considered to be one of Victoria tourist destinations, many interstate and international visitors are accommodated and dine in Docklands hotels and restaurants,” the letter read.  

“Therefore, it is necessary and obligatory for political leaders to safeguard international visitors’ safety and to preserve Victoria’s respectable safety reputation internationally.” •

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