From Bondi to Docklands

From Bondi to Docklands

By John Tadigiri

For Dachshund Sachi and her owner Jenn life during the past 14 months has been a bit of a whirlwind.

From tan Dachshund Sachi’s humble beginnings on a farm in regional NSW to the beaches of Bondi and now bright lights of Docklands, Sachi and her person Jenn have formed an inseparable bond.

“When we first got Sachi, she was very timid and weary of people because she was raised on a farm with very little interaction with humans,” Jenn said.

“Soon after, she got accustomed to us and now she is extremely attached to me, to the point that is still very hard to leave Sachi alone at home to this day.”

“She is a very energetic dog, and she is not afraid of anything. She loves St Bernard’s and can play for hours.”

“She is also a very vocal and extremely smart. She doesn’t bark but she cries and complains for everything. She knows how to get her way.”

According to Jenn, Sachi is a real dog’s dog. She absolutely loves any dog and will play with anyone.

“She loves parks like any other dog, but she also enjoys going out with us to cafes around the area,” Jenn said.

“Every morning we either visit Burger café or the café terminal café next to the port. Me and my friend Shivani, who lives around the corner, catch up at the iconic Cow up a Tree with her dog every morning to take them both for a 40-minute walk.” •  

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