A model canine

A model canine

By Emma Hartley

At first, Peter’s dog seemed polite and shy, but as soon as the camera was pulled out, she lived up to her name.

Model – a four-year-old golden retriever – was enjoying one her twice daily walks around Docklands.

Peter and Model live in a flat which is a tight fit for a dog of Model’s size.

“It’s not a lot of space,” Peter said. “But it’s enough. She still has a lot of playgrounds around.”

The two have been together since Model was one-and-half years old.

“She’s adopted,” Peter said. “Someone – probably students – didn’t need her anymore. I bought her for a thousand dollars.”

Despite Model’s enthusiasm for sniffing the camera and spinning in circles for the lens, she is normally quite docile.

Peter said, “She likes to sleep. She doesn’t like to play with me.”

He unabashedly admitted, “she’s a lazy girl”.

But around people, she has shown herself to be enjoyable company.

“She’s wary,” Peter said. “But she’s very gentle” •

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