Adorable therapy

Adorable therapy

By Isabelle Harris

These two red toy poodles, Mazie and Matisse, drew adoring looks from passers-by as their owner Frances spoke to Docklands News on a bench along NewQuay Promenade last month.

The pair wore tiny dresses that doubled as harnesses for their walk along the promenade, decked out in tiny sparkles and ruffles that complemented their adoring and friendly personalities.

And of course, they have separate Instagram accounts.

“I made one and now I regret it!” Frances laughed.

Docklands News asked Frances how she came to own Mazie and Matisse.

She explained that the pair had come into her life after a family tragedy a few years ago.

“A friend asked me, ‘why don’t you get a dog?’ so I did,” she said.

She added that they helped get her out of the house and were easy to manage and travel with due to their small size.

“They’re great therapy dogs!” Frances said with a grin as Matisse lounged back, her belly to the sun and her eyes half closed •

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