New exhibition celebrates our rich maritime past


Boating enthusiasts visiting the Docklands Boat Show from October 20 to 23 will be treated to some of Melbourne’s rich maritime history with the pop-up Maritime Moments exhibition being hosted aboard the Lady Cutler.

Thirteen pictures depicting maritime history have been assembled by the Melbourne Maritime Heritage Network (MMHN) which will show a contrasting look at how Melbourne’s forebears traversed the Yarra in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

MMHN tourism advisory group chair Martin Dixon said that Melburnians needed to delve into its rich maritime history to “help keep this flame alive”.


“It is important we remember the city’s rich maritime experiences of yesteryear, acknowledging the bustling waterways that connected people and industry through the halcyon days of the 1800s and beyond,” he said.


“The past influences the present and MMHN is keen to ensure that the conversation about our maritime history gathers momentum presenting all Melburnians with a renewed interest in the maritime precinct along the north and south banks of the river.”

Lady Cutler owner Jeff Gordon said he welcomed Melburnians to take a leisurely wander through his ship to enjoy the beauty of the Docklands precinct by “finding their sea legs” and experiencing the pop-up exhibit.

“Melbourne has come alive, and the Boat Show will be yet another way we can celebrate our wonderful waterways right on the doorstep of Docklands,” Mr Gordan said. “I am delighted to be a part of this experience as we trek into our maritime history.”

The Maritime Moments exhibition on the Lady Cutler will be open from 11am to 3pm each day from October 20 to 23. Refreshments will be available for purchase.

The exhibition is also being proudly supported by the Docklands Chamber of Commerce and the Yarra River Business Association. •


Photo caption 1: Paddle-steamer Gondola on its way to Cremorne Gardens 1855 near the original Princes Bridge, Melbourne. F. W. Wilson - State Library of Victoria 

Photo caption 2: Melbourne in 1838 from the Yarra Yarra - Woodhouse, Clarence 1852-1931 artist. SLV 

Photo caption 3: Aboriginal Australians camped in the bush near the Yarra River, [Vic.] – c1863 State Library of Victoria (SLV) 

Photo caption 4: Land Lost, Land Stolen, Treaty 2016 GILSON, Marlene (Wad-awar-rung) City of Melbourne Collection 

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