Neighbourhood House’s plans to revive Docklands

Neighbourhood House’s plans to revive Docklands

By Kaylah-Joelle Baker

For Docklands’ Pop Up Neighbourhood House, the previous lockdowns have left the team more determined than ever to revive the heavily impacted community.

And while indoor activities are not set to resume until November 10, the volunteer gardening team is making the most of the newfound freedoms through starting up gardening sessions again.

From Thursday, October 28, the gardening team was able to move their weekly online video chats to in-person. And speaking on behalf of the team, one volunteer said the gardening sessions were vital in providing the community with “the opportunity to meet other nice people” in the area.

“I have been in Docklands since 2005 and it is only through the Pop Up Neighbourhood House that I have now met friends,” the volunteer said.

Meeting at the District Docklands Community Garden every Thursday and Sunday, the gardening sessions are one of the many programs that community development officer Jason Butcher is excited to see recovered.

Making plans to restart Bollywood classes and social events like morning teas, Mr Butcher said he was also discussing plans with Development Victoria to get the area looking “vibrant and fresh again” through the use of art projects. And while excited for the plans in discussion, Mr Butcher is most looking forward to speaking with residents in Docklands face-to-face.

“We just want people to come down and talk with us about what they want to see in Docklands and to help us make this space come alive again,” he said.

“We just want to rekindle this sense of community in Docklands.”

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