Music to guide you through school holidays

Music Play Melbourne Recital Centre
Jack Hayes

The Melbourne Recital Centre is putting on a show like no other these April school holidays with Music Play, a two-day festival of musical run, laughter and play.

With various activities, performances, and musical installations, Music Play promises something for mini-music lovers, festival-loving families, and friends.

Across two days, April 3 and 4, expect performances, installations, workshops and more, with each activity held multiple times a day, so no need to rearrange nap schedules.

Across both days, the main stage at the Recital Centre hosts a revolving roster featuring acts like Teeny Tiny Stevies, Bunny Racket and Conduct Us, while the Ground Floor turns installation haven with works like Pivot by Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey, HEXADECA by Pulsing Heart, Melodius by Thomas Campbell and Rainbow Paths by Helen Kwok and Chad Toprak.

Level Two will turn into a home of discovery with ultra-participatory workshops like ABC of Beatboxing with LC Beats, Kidstruments with Playable Streets and the Wall of Sounds.

Andy Walker from Bunny Racket told Docklands News his show was “like a rock and roll party, for everyone in the family.”

“It’s a meeting place for people to rock out together and have absolute freedom to do so. It will put a smile on everyone’s face,” he said.

“I know what music has given to me as a Bunny and I want to see that spread through other people’s lives. It has been one of the most constant, awesome things in my life, is having rock and roll around, and if I can help continue that legacy then I’m doing a great job.”


If you care about the music your kids listen to or the things they are exposed to, then Bunny Racket or other cool people doing interesting things for children makes a huge difference.


Alongside performances, workshops, and installations, you’ll find musical face painting, a music-themed photobooth, Eliza Shephard as a roaming musical pixie, food trucks, pram parking, quiet zones, and, for parents: coffee.

Music Play is run over Wednesday, April 3 and Thursday, April 4 with entry available every half hour between 9am and 1pm.

Tickets are $40 or $36 for Recital Centre members. •

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