Mr Premier ... 12 questions

Mr Premier ... 12 questions

With a proposed low freight bridge still threatening to choke Docklands out of existence, Docklands News cartoonist Michael Lindell poses 12 questions to Premier Daniel Andrews in a bid to seek some real answers.

The threat of an ugly low freight bridge running parallel with the Bolte Bridge continues to haunt Docklands, with the Port of Melbourne ramping up its advocacy for a freight link between its two disparate docks. The state government has been coy as to its intentions for too long, and focus must now be squarely laid on Premier Daniel Andrews and his colleagues as to whether they want Docklands to become a thriving city harbour, or an unviable, tarnished backwater. Docklands News cartoonist Michael Lindell poses 12 questions to the Premier, and we hope to publish his responses in next month’s edition ...


  1. Do you plan to build a low rail freight bridge beside the Bolte?

  2. Permanent?

  3. Openable?

  4. What clearance at high tide? Six metres?

  5. How many trains per day?

  6. How many trains per night?

  7. Trains five kilometres long?

  8. Single track, double track?

  9. Train speed, noise, vibration, exhaust?

  10. Warning alarms?

  11. Why build high-clearance Bolte Bridge?

  12. Was a tunnel considered?

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