Ten things you don’t know about us

Ten things you don’t know about us

By Sue Dight - CEO

There are many things you probably didn’t know about the Mission and Seafarers, the work we do and those that we support … here are 10 of them!

  1. We dropped off a mobile phone to a seafarer in hospital who had had surgery that day as he lost a finger doing routine work. 
  2. Contracts for seafarers are on average for 11 months. Imagine not going home or touching land for that long!
  3. A guy just went home after being abandoned on his ship for four years!
  4. Shore leave is generally for four hours – that’s when you can go ashore.
  5. There are roughly 1.5 million people working on the oceans right now.
  6. The Mission in Melbourne gave away more than 1500 beanies last years – can you please knit some for us?
  7. The Mission building has a five-bedroom Manse and a three-bedroom cottage on the site.
  8. Since 1857, we have been in more than 10 different buildings in Port Melbourne, Williamstown and North Wharf – this is our newest.
  9. We have held weddings in the Chapel for several generations of families and people of all faiths.
  10. The social club – Crew 717 is open to everyone to join and the benefits are amazing.  

Drop in and see us and support the work we do in this lovely old building in Docklands.

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