Activity returns to the Mission 

Activity returns to the Mission 

By Sue Dight

Opening to the new normal is like waking slowly in a new place that you don’t recognise where you are and you don’t speak the language.

We are all familiar with the inside of the supermarkets, as they all look the same in each suburb around the country. Easy to navigate, comfortable, recognisable. 

Now we are able to emerge from our familiar to explore what we have missed, to gather together to catch up with friends and family, and gain new experiences. When was the last time you explored Melbourne? Travel is back, but to where? Melbourne has so much within walking distance to explore – and is free!  

Have you thought about a lie-down and look up tour? Take yourself on a journey around the city of the best dome/ceiling structures where you can lie down and study the roof. It might be the beautiful stained glass roof at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV); the former banking hall of 333 Collins St; the friezes in the arcade at Manchester Unity Building; the Reading Room dome or Queens Hall glass roof in the State Library; and the great churches and cathedrals of Melbourne are all looking forward to visitors.   

The last stop should be the Mission to Seafarers for a look though the oculus in the top of the Dome. You might find an exhibition on, a performance, or just stare at the clouds. You can then explore the rest of the place or stop for a drink in the bar, courtyard or our secret garden. 

Join us at the Mission as we reward the seafarers who have kept working all through the lockdown and continue to be confined to their ships without leave. We have goodie bags for them to enjoy on board, but what would make it truly special would be a phone card to call home with. Drop in and buy one for a seafarer and we will ensure it goes directly to a sailor in need. Just like the one who is at a local hotel as he had an accident on board while in the bay. He is waiting to go home after being discharged from hospital after crushing several fingers. We can visit him to comfort him (when we get through all the DHHS protocols), but being home with his family would be better.

During this summer, we are open every day from 12pm for you to venture in, discover our history, or just hang out. Sunday sessions start in January with more to be announced on our website and social media. 

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, God bless everyone with prosperity and happiness for everyone, and Happy New Year.

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