Mission Art Prize on again

Mission Art Prize on again

The Mission to Seafarers Victoria (MtSV) is hosting the 20th Maritime Art Prize & Exhibition until Sunday, October 16.

Artists responded to the theme “The Relationship of Humanity to the Sea” for their share of $25,000 in prize money, including the coveted 2022 MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company Maritime Art Award of $15,000.

MtSV provides welfare services to support the tireless work and hardships faced by seafarers, and the annual event is a major fundraising initiative.

Ninety per cent of everything we use; from the coffee we drink and the cars we drive, to the clothes we wear and our mobile phones, reaches us via the sea.

By bringing goods to our shores, seafarers and the shipping industry support the economy of our island nation, so we may stay healthy and thrive.

The generosity of sponsors who provide the prize money and other in-kind contributions, and the artists who pay an entrance fee and a commission on all works that are sold, ensures the continued success and wide popularity of the Maritime Art Prize & Exhibition and, in turn, supports the fundraising efforts of MtSV.

Held online for the past two years due to the pandemic, the welcome return to an in-person exhibition this year has been highly anticipated.

The exhibition will run daily from September 30 to October 16, 12pm to 8pm. Entry is free. •

For more information: gallery.missiontoseafarers.com.au

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