Meet Dr Brenda Holt

Meet Dr Brenda Holt
Sean Car

“When we told people we were looking at [moving to] Docklands, they were like, ‘That’s crazy’, but in the end, we love Docklands, and we chose to live here.”

American-born Dr Brenda Holt has lived in Melbourne for so long now – 34 years to be exact – that she says her family in Texas now thinks her accent sounds rather Australian.

Since she and her husband Simon moved to Docklands, the career educator said they had grown attached to living so close to the water, noticing how quiet it was, and how everything was “really at your fingertips”.

As one of many Docklanders inspiring positive change in our community, Dr Holt currently works for a charity called State Schools Relief, which provides uniforms and shoes for disadvantaged kids in state schools. •

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