Meet Anikesh Sasmal

Meet Anikesh Sasmal

“When I landed in Melbourne it was a Friday night, around 9pm. I was put up in an Airbnb and the view of Docklands and the city from my bedroom was mesmerising.”

Anikesh Sasmal, originally from India, relocated to Australia in 2016 to work for NAB. Stationed in Docklands, he has since made it his home.

By day, Anikesh serves as a senior product owner in digital space at MLC Life Insurance. By night, he transforms into DJ Antidope, Melbourne’s pioneering YouTuber DJ.

He said that it was the first time seeing the Yarra River and surrounding cityscape when, “right there I fell in love” with Docklands.

“I said to myself, ‘This is the place to be, this is where you need to retire.’ I mean, where else do you need to go? You don’t need to go anywhere else in the world if you are in Docklands.” •

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