MBassy Dance Studio unveils new Docklands location and Mambomania event series

MBassy Dance Studio unveils new Docklands location and Mambomania event series

The vibrant pulse of dance in Docklands grows even stronger as The MBassy Dance Studio opens its doors to a brand-new location at The District Docklands, 440 Docklands Drive.

This move is a remarkable expansion for the studio, offering an array of services catering to dance enthusiasts of all levels and introducing an electrifying event series Mambomania to ignite the dance floor with an unmatched fusion of art and movement.

With its grand relocation to The District Docklands’ entertainment precinct, The MBassy Dance Studio has positioned itself at the heart of the community, inviting everyone to experience the joy of dance and the power of artistic expression.

The studio’s spacious and modern facilities promise an enhanced learning environment, fostering creativity and camaraderie among its diverse clientele.

The MBassy is not just your average dance studio! Here, the world of dance unfolds before you, with an impressive repertoire of adult dance classes in Street Latin and contemporary urban styles. From the fiery rhythms of Salsa and Bachata to the infectious vibes of Reggaeton, Twerk, and Heels, there’s a dance style for everyone to explore. Plus, there’s a regular array of events and parties enriching the Docklands nightlife.

In addition to the dance classes, The MBassy also offers Vinyasa Flow yoga sessions that focus on balance, flexibility, and inner peace, providing a holistic approach to wellbeing.

For those stepping into a new chapter of their lives, the studio’s wedding dance lessons and entertainment services ensure couples create magical moments on the dance floor during their special day.

The MBassy Dance Studio’s commitment to excellence shines through its team of world-class instructors, ensuring that every student’s journey is met with encouragement, inspiration, and personalised attention.

Introducing Mambomania – where art and dance collide

As part of the grand opening celebration at The District Docklands, The MBassy unveils its groundbreaking event series, Mambomania.

Prepare to be captivated by this innovative experience where art and dance seamlessly blend under vibrant interactive light projections, creating an event like no other!

Mambomania will run for eight consecutive weeks, with each event held every Friday, from August 11 to September 29 and is supported through the Melbourne City Revitalisation Fund – a $200 million partnership between the Victorian Government and the City of Melbourne.


The journey begins at 7pm when the studio’s new doors open to an immersive art show featuring live painting by a selection of Melbourne’s fine artists. The canvas becomes the dance floor as guests partake in the captivating salsa class, led by expert instructors from The MBassy Dance.


As the clock strikes 9pm, the energy reaches a crescendo during the Salsa Social Dance Party. Dance enthusiasts will groove to the sensational beats spun by DJ Rayan, while the surroundings come alive with mesmerising light projections created by Jem Bray from the very art displayed, turning each attendee into an integral part of the artistic wonder.

Fortnightly art showcases

Every fortnight, Mambomania will feature a different artist and signature cocktail, including One Eighty Collective, Jem, Candela Colours, and Projection TekNik.

Guests will also have the exclusive opportunity to purchase the art on display, allowing them to bring home a piece of the magic they experienced during Mambomania.

Each ticket includes entry, a complimentary locally sourced signature cocktail, participation in the salsa dance class, and access to the salsa party until 1am. •

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