Locked-down hobby-artist finds solace in waterfront sketch

Locked-down hobby-artist finds solace in waterfront sketch

By Brendan Rees

A hobby-artist looking to reconnect with her favourite pastime of paddling has captured a magical winter sunset on the Docklands waterfront.

With no escape from the July/August lockdown and “really missing” her friends from the Docklands-based Southern Storm Paddle Club, Pamie Fung decided to sketch her teammates on a dragon boat paddling out towards a spectacular sunset.

“I just wanted to remember what it’s like [to be] on a boat over the water, looking at the Bolte Bridge, working hard together,” she said.

“I know how much we love the training … and it’s a place where all your worries from work can slide away.”

Using a photo of the Docklands waterfront because she lives more than five kilometres away, Ms Fung spent hours at home creating her heartening piece.

“We’re a small club that’s growing in numbers and so we know each other well and we care about each other,” she said.

“We’re like a family and I miss it. I thought about all of us so that’s why I drew the picture.”

Like many community clubs, the lockdown has brought sports to a grinding halt including the activities of the Docklands-based Southern Storm which has postponed its training and competitions. 

As its members eagerly await to return to the water they have remained in contact over WhatsApp while also checking on each other’s wellbeing.

Ms Fung’s sketch had also given hope to members who described her work as “beautiful” after it was shared on the club’s Facebook page.

“We’re all missing our teammates and training, and we find ways to connect,” a post from the club said.

“Love the sentiments and honoured to be a part of the crew with you,” the post read of Ms Fung.

“Looking forward to be back at the Hub with everyone soon!” 

While grateful for the club’s kind words, Ms Fung modestly insisted “there’s no talent” in her work, and she sketches “on the occasion” or as gifts for friends or family.

“For me, drawing or any art is therapeutic and drawing this picture was a way of reconnecting with the experience of paddling,” she said, adding a quirky drawing of a seal in her piece was something they’d hoped to see “next time we’re on the water”.

As much as the lockdown had been tough, she acknowledged safety was a priority and “we understand we’ve got to wait this out, we’ve got to do the right thing” •

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