Lockdown in a high-rise

Victoria Point

By Rhonda Dredge

Residents of some apartment towers are cheering themselves up with small creative acts.

At Victoria Point new food shelves have been added to the library in the common area.

When Docklands News visited there were five items on the food shelf.

A packet of pasta, two cans of diced tomatoes and chick peas, a bar of soap and a packet of sanitary pads sat between thrillers.

Residents are encouraged to donate or take what they need from the shelf.

The “food bank” was created when the concierge noticed that some residents were doing it hard.

“Little things mean a lot,” one Victoria Point resident said. “Some people were not coping well. They didn’t say anything but we set up the shelf.”

Another resident is doing illustrations of the culture of the building and pinning them to the noticeboard.

One cartoon depicts the brave concierge chained to a virus; another him fighting it off and putting it behind bars.

Many of the stories of lockdown in a high-rise have yet to be told •

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