Local sustainability advocate

Local sustainability advocate

Docklands resident and worker Dr Kaushik Sridhar is passionate about sustainability.

He recently spoke about his life journey to make Melbourne more sustainable in front of 100 people at the EcoCity Storytelling Night at the Town Hall during Melbourne Knowledge Week.

Dr Sridhar is the corporate responsibility manager at a multinational corporation in Docklands and is also a university lecturer.

Dr Sridhar will speak about sustainability at a Volunteering Victoria breakfast in June and the Green Building Expo in Melbourne in July.

He will also be part of the panel made up by representatives from companies like Qantas and will have the chance to engage in conversations with former US Vice President Al Gore at the EcoCity World Summit in Melbourne in July.

Dr Sridhar said he took every opportunity possible to speak publicly about the importance of sustainability and climate change mitigation.

“It’s about raising awareness about sustainability and sharing the knowledge. It’s my commitment and purpose to serve the community,” he said.

“When I take opportunities to speak at an event, it’s to share the journey of advocating for sustainability and how people can effectively and efficiently improve the situation.”

Dr Sridhar said Docklands set a good example for building more sustainable precincts in Melbourne.

“I think Docklands is definitely on the right track. The library here is one of the most sustainable buildings in Melbourne. So I think that’s a really good case study for Docklands. The council is also creating more green spaces in Docklands,” he said.

“I think for places like Docklands, we need to work on what we have. The main infrastructure is already here, so I think it’s more about smart city planning to make sure we have a well developed sustainability strategy to make the place better.”

Dr Sridhar would like to hear more from the Docklands community about their views on sustainability. He can be reached at [email protected]

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