Learn something new

Learn something new

Ever wanted to learn to belly dance? Perhaps yoga is more your thing? Or are you interested in the science behind cycling?

If any of those topics sparked your interest you might be interested in Laneway Learning’s pop-up series at Hortus on Harbour Esplanade.

Beginning in January and continuing through February, Laneway Learning is offering two different classes each Wednesday night.

Topics covered so far at the Docklands pop-up include Italian language and culture, hula hoop dancing and traditional yoga, among others.  

Laneway Learning started in Melbourne four years ago and offers a range of classes at a variety of venues each week.

According to Laneway Learning co-founder Mark Gregory, the idea behind the initiative is to make education accessible to people in terms of both cost and time commitment.

According to Mr Gregory, many opportunities for learning require long-term commitments and can be quite expensive. Laneway Learning differs in that it provides a low-cost learning opportunity with no commitment.

Most classes cost around $14 and run for about an hour and 15 minutes. Topics range from craft, food and physical activity through to science, humanities and general life skills. Classes are limited to around 25 people, allowing plenty of interaction and discussion.

“Laneway Learning is the first stepping stone to learning something new,” Mr Gregory said.

“If you’re really inspired and something sparks then you can go on to sign-up for a ten week course elsewhere,” Mr Gregory said.

Laneway Learning also focuses on working with the local community, with the teachers primarily being local small business owners, academics or amateur enthusiasts.

The classes are also quite social according to Mr Gregory, with the aim being to get everyone involved and learning together.

“We’re trying to make learning an accessible, interactive, social opportunity to meet other people interested in the same topic,” he said.

Upcoming Laneway Learning classes at Hortus include:

First steps towards a zero waste household: Wednesday, February 17 6.15pm – 7.30pm

Science of cycling: Like riding a bike: Wednesday, February 17 8pm – 9.15pm

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