Lapis enjoys his newfound life in Docklands

Lapis enjoys his newfound life in Docklands
Brendan Rees

Lapis, the former greyhound racing dog, is loving a “life of luxury” in Docklands.

The three-year-old was adopted by his devoted owner Michael nine months ago with his days filled with walks, socialising, and curling up on the couch.

He loves every opportunity to take leisurely strolls around the neighbourhood while taking in the views of the waterfront.

“He loves when people stop and ask to pat him, he’s wonderful with people,” Michael, a NewQuay resident of 18 months, said.

“He also enjoys seeing other dogs out and about, particularly a greyhound, he gets very excited.”

And he knows his days of a fast-paced life (which included a few racing wins) are truly behind him when Lapis can explore the boats around the harbour and visit the Buluk Park near the Library at The Dock.

He also gets “very excited” when surrounded by big crowds such as New Year’s Eve or events like the Firelight Festival. While a burst of energy is in his nature, Michael laughs that Lapis is more than happy to sleep for the “rest of the day” at his apartment. •


Photo: Hanna Komissarova.

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