JJ the therapy dog

JJ the therapy dog

By Rebecca Broadhead

Docklands local Jenny Leyva Deloryn’s dog, JJ, has been selected as the first PAWS Pet Therapy dog in Victoria and will be volunteering to help others through its Pet Therapy Program.

Jenny knew from the beginning that JJ had the potential to share joy and optimism with the wider public and with those in need. JJ is just over 18 months old and loves to play ball, socialise with her friends, sleep and eat bones, and currently she’s also learning to be an agility dog!

After researching many organisations that would include herself and JJ in community service roles, Jenny landed upon and applied for PAWS Pet Therapy. The two are now delighted to start their volunteering journey together.

JJ and Jenny are helping people who are lonely or isolated, those with complex needs such as people in hospitals, aged care, rehabilitation and palliative care facilities, people with special needs and mental health issues.

Jenny is excited to start their volunteering journey together. Jenny said, “If you see JJ around, please come and say hi. You can also stalk her on Instagram at #JJtheSpoodle.”

Or, if you’d like more information on PAWS Pet Therapy please visit its website. •

For more information: pawspettherapy.com

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