It’s raining Docklands Dollars

It’s raining Docklands Dollars
Jack Hayes

It’s time for locals to get their piece of the Docklands Dollars pie as the Docklands Chamber of Commerce (DCC) launches its residents-only rebate scheme in a bid to boost the local economy.

Docklands Dollars 3008 follows on from a successful first iteration targeted at attracting visitors and amassing more than $4 million in local spending.

The DCC has managed to foster unprecedented collaboration from the four major Docklands developers – Lendlease, MAB, Mirvac and The District Docklands (Ashe Morgan) – in funding the program.

Docklands Dollars 3008 will go live at 9am Thursday, February 10 with residents required to register online in order to be eligible for a 25 per cent discount from all DCC member businesses, with a maximum rebate of $25 on four separate occasions per registration.

“This program heavily rides on the success of the original Docklands Dollars initiative. The DCC first recognised the need to help businesses rebuild off the back of the seemingly never-ending pandemic and we’re thankful for the collaboration between the key property partners of Docklands,” DCC president Daniel Hibberd said.

“This is the first time Lendlease, MAB, Mirvac, and The District Docklands have come together to support an initiative such as this, this is very clear recognition that the path out of COVID-19 and back to a healthy business precinct is by working together.”

“The DCC is proud to auspice this project on behalf of our member businesses and reward our local residents for shopping locally.” 

The program is expected to run until June 2022 and generate a much-needed boost to local spend in the precinct estimated in the several millions.

While Docklands Dollars 3008 will provide a fresh injection into Docklands, the original Docklands Dollars will continue for visitors of the area, with Development Victoria providing ongoing funding for the program.

“Round one of Docklands Dollars was such an overwhelming success – and we’re delighted to support the latest release of this initiative that’s delivering an important boost to local businesses,” Development Victoria’s Group Head Precincts Geoff Ward said.

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