High Life Expo, June 1: elevating apartment living in Melbourne

High Life Expo, June 1: elevating apartment living in Melbourne

Melbourne is known for its fascination with home improvement shows, but for too long, apartment dwellers have felt left out of the conversation.

Events like the recent Home Show at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) purport to showcase the latest trends in home improvements.

Such events, however, predominantly cater to the needs of standalone houses, with many exhibits focusing on space-hungry items such as decks, water tanks, and internal lifts. Overlooked are the unique challenges and opportunities of apartment living.

And the irony was not lost that such home shows take place amid the dense backdrop of towering residential buildings, which are now a feature of Melbourne’s skyline!

Notably, it is against this backdrop that the High Life Expo emerges as a beacon.

Scheduled for Saturday, June 1, this expo is tailor-made for apartment owners and residents, addressing their specific needs and aspirations.

The theme of sustainability takes centre stage at the High Life Expo, with exhibits focused on making apartments and residential buildings not only comfortable and efficient but also healthier and “lovely to live in!”

Topics range from EVs and charging to solar and renewable energy, from double glazing to better waste management, with community building within apartment complexes also included.

  • Attendees will have the opportunity to engage directly with experts through seminars covering crucial topics such as:
  • Electrify everything: retrofitting apartments and common infrastructure
  • Charging ahead: retrofitting electric vehicle infrastructure in apartment buildings
  • Climate comfort: retrofitting apartments and common areas for year-round energy efficiency
  • Solar solutions for your apartment community
  • Better with less: efficiency and electrification for renters, the budget-conscious, and DIYers
  • Building bonds: creating connected and resilient apartment communities

Whether you’re a seasoned apartment dweller or a newcomer to urban living, the High Life Expo promises something for everyone.

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Don’t miss this chance to elevate your apartment living experience!

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Meet Peta Brehaut

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