Heritage Festival makes its way to Docklands

Heritage Festival makes its way to Docklands

The National Trust has brought the Australian Heritage Festival (AHF) to Victoria from April 18 to May 18, offering an exciting program of events, including in Docklands.

With a legacy spanning more than four decades, the AHF runs in every state and territory in Australia as a way to “celebrate and advocate for the protection and conservation of heritage”.

AHF coordinator Maddie Moore said the festival was “an opportunity to for people to immerse themselves in rich and diverse heritage”, through different exhibitions, tours, talks and workshops.

“This year, the theme for the festival is ‘connections’, so we’re really hoping that people can celebrate the rich and diverse stories of Australia and strengthen cultural and historical ties,” Ms Moore told Docklands News.

In Docklands, residents will have the chance to embark on an exclusive journey aboard the Alma Doepel on May 5.

This 120-year-old, timber three-masted ship, currently undergoing meticulous restoration for youth sail training, offers participants a glimpse into the labour-intensive craft of shipwrights and the dedication of volunteers committed to reviving a piece of maritime history.



Locals were also invited to a captivating exploration of Docklands’ own heritage-listed Shipping Control Tower in Victoria Harbour on April 20, where the community gathered to uncover the rich historical significance of the structure that played a pivotal role in Melbourne and Victoria’s prosperous maritime history.

“There’s a lot of access to heritage places that aren’t normally open to the public throughout the festival,” Ms Moore said.

“In Victoria, there are more than 300 events running throughout the festival – we really want to see people encouraged to forge new bonds and find links with people and places in the past, and all those enduring connections that will shape the future of heritage.”

The Australian Heritage Festival runs until May 18.  •

Meet Peta Brehaut

Meet Peta Brehaut

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