From docks to desks: fostering family-friendly futures in Docklands 

From docks to desks: fostering family-friendly futures in Docklands 

As Docklands continues to flourish into one of Melbourne’s most dynamic and vibrant communities, the absence of a local high school becomes increasingly obvious.

The need in Docklands and our city isn’t just a matter of convenience; it’s a cornerstone for building a truly integrated, family-friendly community. Drawing from the spirited discussions in recent Docklands News articles, it’s clear I’m not alone in thinking this way. So, here’s my two cents …

Docklands is a unique suburb, boasting a diverse mix of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces. Its evolution from an active port to a bustling urban precinct has been an incredible journey, and it’s still evolving. However, as we plan for the future, it’s essential to consider not just the infrastructure that supports businesses and tourism, but also the amenities that nurture and sustain our community. At the heart of this is education. 

Imagine a high school that not only serves the educational needs of our young residents but also becomes a beacon of innovation and environmental stewardship. The proximity of Moonee Ponds Creek and the waterways offers an unparalleled opportunity to integrate environmental science into the curriculum, fostering a generation that is not only academically proficient but also deeply committed to sustainability and conservation. 


Moreover, with world-class film studios within our reach, Docklands is perfectly positioned to offer a specialised curriculum focusing on the film and digital arts. This could cultivate a unique niche for our high school, attracting a diverse student body passionate about storytelling, animation, film production, and new media.  


Perhaps we can incorporate Year 6 students from the primary school into the high school site, not just to alleviate space constraints; but also to create a seamless educational journey. This transition can significantly ease the often-daunting leap from primary to secondary education, fostering a sense of continuity and community among students. 

What about sports? Our proximity to the O’Brien Icehouse presents a unique sporting opportunity. Integrating ice hockey and other ice sports into the school’s physical education curriculum could not only enhance the physical wellbeing of students but also establish Docklands as a hub for ice sports, further enriching our community’s recreational landscape. 

Establishing a high school in Docklands is also a strategic move towards cementing the neighbourhood’s reputation as a family-friendly community. The presence of a local high school addresses a critical component of urban family life, making Docklands an even more attractive option for current and prospective residents. This isn’t just about providing education; it’s about creating a cohesive, supportive environment where families can thrive. 

The call for a Docklands high school is more than just a logistical necessity; it’s a vision for a comprehensive, integrated community. It’s about recognising the unique assets of our location and leveraging them to provide a multifaceted, enriching educational experience. By focusing on environmental science, film, and ice sports, we’re not just offering academics; we’re preparing our youth for a future where creativity, sustainability, and physical wellbeing are paramount. 

As a councillor and a Docklands resident, I am deeply invested in the future of our community. The establishment of a high school in Docklands is a critical step towards ensuring our suburb continues to grow as a vibrant, inclusive, and family-oriented community. It’s a step we need to take together, advocating for a facility that meets the diverse needs of our young residents and supports the continuing evolution of Docklands as a dynamic urban space. 

The conversation about a Docklands high school has been ongoing, but the time for action is now. We have a unique opportunity to retrofit an existing facility like the Costco site or another unused site to design a school that reflects the values and aspirations of our community, a school that stands as a testament to our commitment to education, sustainability, and the arts.

Let’s unite in this vision and make the Docklands high school a reality for our families, our children, and the generations to come. •

Meet Peta Brehaut

Meet Peta Brehaut

May 29th, 2024 - Docklands News
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