Footy season!

Footy season!

By Lori Fellows

At last the summer’s gone to rest

Cricket teams have played their tests

The footy season’s just begun

Beaches deserted from lack of sun.

Show your colours – wear them proud

Get the tram – join the crowd.


A covered stadium from where to watch

Includes corporate dining in a box

We’ve eaten there a time or two

Food’s overrated in our view

We’d prefer a pie with sauce

And a bag of chips with salt of course.


I remember the country footy games

Room  ‘round the ground for all who came.

Toot your horn when your team goals!

Only one umpire with full control.

Where kids at half time had a kick

“Don’t forget your footy tips!”


Some things don’t change, others do

Cheers for the champ, for the umpires “boo”!

There are now eight interstate teams

More young men achieving their dreams.

Newspapers print sensational stories

Of drugs, cheats and lots of glory.


No more shivering in the rain

No queues for loos – that was a pain.

A civilized experience is what we crave

More important as we age.

At the end of the season one team the victor

Despite bets placed with varied predictors.


We all now flock to  Marvel Stadium,

Essendon’s McGrath the first AFL Canadian!

The stadium’s been known by several names

Telstra, Colonial, Etihad, it’s all the same.

It’s all the same, yes the very same place

It’s all about advertising space.

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