Drawing on Deakin’s wall

Drawing on Deakin’s wall

By Meg Hill

Deakin University’s Docklands site – Deakin Downtown – will showcase its first exhibition for the year with newly commissioned and rarely seen wall-based, site responsive artworks in Drawing on the Wall.

Curated by James Lynch, the exhibition features artists Julia Gorman, David Harley, Kerrie Poliness and Kenny Pittock.

The exhibition will create new works that maximise the architectural potential of Deakin’s gallery spaces – located on the 13th floor of Collins Square – and also provide hands on learning for students.

“Each of these newly commissioned works have been conceived by the artists with student participation and collaboration in mind,” Lynch said.

Consequently, the exhibition itself is a process of teaching and learning and creates relationship and knowledge.

Student Bianca Fletcher-Gunev said the work had been artistically educational.

“Installing large scale works alongside professional artists has provided me with a wonderful learning experience that is truly valuable to any aspiring artist,” she said.

Eight Deakin students have been working closely with the curator and artists to help realise and assist in bringing the new artistic projects to fruition.

For example, Kerrie Poliness created instructions for students to follow to complete a major geometric crystal pattern artwork with sign-writing tape.

Students will work closely with Julia Gorman and Kenny Pittock as artist’s assistants.

Gorman will create an artwork based on floral design and textiles from the 1930s and ‘40s.

Pittock will work with students to create an artwork based on his love of the Australian vernacular, painting directly on the wall.

David Harley will also present a newly edited video projection which takes viewers through an animated space of mark making, colour and drawing.

The exhibition will show from February 18 to March 27 •

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