Donations wanted for Alma Doepel deck planks

Donations wanted for Alma Doepel deck planks

Volunteers behind the restoration of Docklands’ historic tall ship, the Alma Doepel, are inviting the community to be part of the project by sponsoring a deck plank.

According to the ship’s restoration director Dr Peter Harris, the full restoration is about 70 per cent complete.

The next step is to refurbish 200 planks of recycled Queensland white beech wood for the deck.

It’s a significant milestone in the revamp of the 119-year-old ship, as it would enable the internal fit-out to commence.

The cost to sponsor a plank is $250, which is due to go back into the project. It also buys a “lasting legacy” for the sponsor.

“We have a virtual honour board now, which looks like a series of planks that have a little plaque on them with the person’s name,” Dr Harris said.

His team is also giving away unused timbers from the ship for a donation, or for free to supporters who can’t afford to donate but have a “worthy” vision.

Over the past decade, volunteers have raised $3.5 million to restore the Alma Doepel to its former glory as one of Australia’s oldest surviving tall ships.  About two years and $1.5 million are still needed before it can set sail.

Once complete, the Alma Doepel will continue to be used for youth sail training programs that began in the 1980s.

“We’re restarting those programs, but in a modern context where the pressures and the interests are different,” said Dr Harris.

There are plans for the newly accessible ship to host groups of young people from cities, regional areas, juvenile justice programs and different cultural backgrounds.

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