Docklands very own “Heartbreaker”

Docklands very own “Heartbreaker”
Kaylah Joelle Baker

Announced as a “Heartbreaker” ahead of the premiere of 7 Plus’s latest reality show Heartbreak Island, Tiarne Butler is simply a local Docklander looking for new experiences.

The show features 16 Heartbreaker contestants from Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the USA who are confined to a tropical island to find a partner and compete in challenges for a final cash prize.

If the thought of a reality show with challenges, an island and potential love matches makes you think of Survivor or Love Island, then you may be on the right track with Tiarne stating it involved “blood, sweat and tears”.

“It was definitely intense and challenging on so many levels,” she said.

“But I think you gain something from every experience you do have, and I am glad I did it and I am sure there is going to be something that I will learn from this situation.”

While the show premieres Thursday, August 4, the contestants have already wrapped up filming.

But Tiarne remained tight-lipped on the outcome of her experience and the details of what would unravel before viewers’ eyes.

Although, the Melbourne salon coordinator did discuss with Docklands News her intention behind choosing to apply for the show.

“I think my inspiration essentially was to try something different and be a little open to love,” Tiarne said.

“I have had a really bad run in regards to my relationships and have had some pretty toxic relationships, so coming out of that I was like, ‘if television can’t find it for me then I’m stuck’.”

Finding love on a reality show may not be everyone’s last resort but for Tiarne it was definitely an “amazing experience” she is glad to have been a part of.

Being back home from the island is also not a bad scenario for Tiarne who has a deep love for the area of Docklands, and is already back into the routine of starting her mornings with a run and visiting local cafes.

“I love this area of Docklands and love being so close to the water as it is really humbling,” she said.

“It’s nice to have a quiet, nice and humble area to live in, and you can go for walks and runs and feel super safe. It is amazing.”

To see how local Docklander Tiarne and the other contestants fare on the show when it comes to finding love, being pushed to the limits in challenges and surviving eliminations, stream Heartbreak Island now. •

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