Politician disrespects us

Docklanders interested to learn what our Federal Member of Parliament thinks of us can gain insight from the winter edition of Flemington-Kensington News.

Adam Bandt writes for the community paper and clearly has a poor impression of Docklands.

In a story about a Victorian Government plan for a public housing estate, Mr Bandt describes the plan as “Docklands-style development”.

But he apparently is not being complimentary with this description.

“The eastern end of the Flemington/Kensington boundary already suffers from traffic congestion and a lack of planning,” the Melbourne MHR writes.

“If we turn it into another Docklands, it will affect everyone.”

Ouch! Not exactly the attitude locals would expect from their elected representative.

When is the next federal election?

Congratulations to 300 cladding winners!

Congratulations to 300 cladding winners!

June 1st, 2022 - Barbara Francis & Rus Littleson
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