Docklands is Beautiful

Docklands is Beautiful

* This article was published 10 years ago

Docklanders, tell the world how beautiful our suburb is.

Docklands News has launched “Docklands is Beautiful”, a grassroots campaign designed to counter a growing negative public perception of Docklands.

We want your stories about what a great place this is to live, work and visit.

A website has been established at to house these stories. So email us your words and pictures at [email protected]

“We’ve got so much to celebrate down here. We’ve come from nowhere in 10 years and look at how much we have achieved. It’s stunning.”

The Docklands is Beautiful website has a number of suggestions about what Docklanders can do to promote Docklands.

One simple idea is to include the words “Docklands is Beautiful” in your email signature. Or include the words in the promotional and marketing materials of your business. Link to the website, “like” the Docklands is Beautiful Facebook page and follow the campaign on Twitter.

Docklands News editor Shane Scanlan said the campaign flowed from conversations he had in the street with Docklanders disappointed by consistently-negative media coverage in early October.

“There we were trying to figure where it was coming from, when Docklands is so obviously beautiful,” Mr Scanlan said.

“We all view Docklands from our own perspectives, whether we are residents, traders or developers. And we need to respect our divergent points of view. But we all agree that Docklands is beautiful. And we need to tell this to people we meet.”

“And we’re looking for more promotional ideas that we can share with the community.”

Mr Scanlan said the campaign was inspired by a recent address by Destination Melbourne CEO Chris Buckingham who advised Docklands to speak with a single voice and consistently repeat the message.

“This campaign doesn’t need a brand or a logo. The message that Docklands is beautiful is enough,” Mr Scanlan said. “Everyone will have their own way of getting the word out. The important thing is that we all do it.”

Mr Scanlan said he hoped the campaign would unify and encourage Docklanders to have pride in their suburb in the face of ill- informed criticism.

“We all know Docklands is not perfect. But it’s a work in progress. Why can’t they get off our backs or help us make the place better?” Mr Scanlan said •

Waterways team to the rescue

Waterways team to the rescue

November 29th, 2023 - Docklands News
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