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I thought I’d start off with excerpts of a report presented by police representatives at the Docklands Security Group meeting held on March 19. It contains some interesting statistics, which the police are happy to be quoted in my column as follows:

Crime Summary

Thefts from cars have reduced by 15 per cent in the Melbourne West Response Zone. There have only been a few reported in Docklands in recent months.

Assaults and robberies are down, however there was a spike in January when six assaults were reported on the night of the Eminem concert at Etihad Stadium.

There have been a small number of burglaries conducted at construction sites. No residential burglaries.

There have been a small number of thefts of bicycles from cages in car parks.

Crime overall in Docklands is still much lower than the Central Business District.

Road Policing

There was a road fatality involving two vehicles on 1 February, 2014 on Footscray Road, outside Costco. The offending driver was under the influence of ice. He has been charged with culpable driving.

The numbers of staff working at the Melbourne Bicycle Patrol had increased from four to seven. This is currently the only full time bicycle patrol unit in the state.

There has only been two serious injury collisions in Docklands since the last meeting.

The City of Melbourne and Bicycle Australia have been testing speeding bicycles on New Quay Promenade and had a tent to try and educate cyclists.

I gave a summary of our DCA activities at the Docklands Community Forum on February 26. Council officers gave an update on provision of community facilities. We need more accessible playgrounds for children in the northern and central areas of Docklands.

Time for the relocation of steel rail freight and redevelopment of E- gate is approaching. We are waiting on concept plans and hoping for adequate provision of green and open space which could help Docklands.

It is interesting that the Docklands area, originally having been a wharves area with separated waterways, as a result has separate precincts of New Quay, Victoria Harbour and Yarra’s Edge, as well as east of the esplanade to Southern Cross Station. This has its charm as well as the practical aspects such as the separate development areas and separate boating harbours. Each sub-area has its own local issues but in addition there are overlapping and general issues such as traffic management, schooling, events and provision of general use facilities.

The DCA tries to assist in all areas, both local and general, ranging from assisting in opposing the proposed tram bridge at Yarra’s Edge to pushing the development of Western Park at the end of New Quay, as well as general issues such as the redevelopment of the esplanade.

Regarding serviced apartments, we are still waiting on presentation of draft legislation and I believe referral of the Watergate issue back to the Building Appeals Board. We understand the referral will be heard in April with a decision expected around June.

It’s refreshing to see a new building going up with an attractive exterior, namely, the Medibank building. It’s the luck of the draw because there is no control over exterior design by Council or other Authorities.

Our committee will be looking at ideas for social activities for younger residents as mentioned last month. We‘ll canvass for ideas.

We continue to be active with other groups including Inner Melbourne Planning Alliance and Corba.

If any reader would like to become a member of the DCA or has any suggestions they wish to put forward regarding activities or issues, they are welcome to contact us on [email protected]

If you would like to talk to me about any aspect you are welcome to call me on 0412 097 706.  You can also keep up with things on our website

Regards to all
Roger Gardner
President DCA



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