Cracked windows becoming customary

Cracked windows becoming customary

*This article was published 10 years ago

A window at the Customs House in Docklands cracked last month causing a lane of traffic on LaTrobe St to close for more than five hours.

The incident happened on March 6, with the road closed from around 3.30pm until after 9pm.

Police blocked off the patch of Latrobe St in front of the building as a precaution while the fire brigade worked to secure the window.

The windows in the building are double sided with a layer of glass internally and a layer externally. The internal window had cracked but there was minimal risk of the window falling onto the road.

The window was removed and boarded up and Digital Harbour precinct manager Mark Newbegin said the cause of the break was now being investigated.

It’s the second time a window in the building has broken and required the assistance of emergency services.

Mr Newbegin did not disclose the cause of the first break but said he no longer believed this explanation to be correct and that further investigation was required to determine the cause of both breaks.

Mr Newbegin declined to comment on whether last month’s heatwave was a factor in the window breaking as further investigation was required. •

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